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General Guide for all Classes 
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Post General Guide for all Classes
*Class Gunner added.
*Class Paladin, Zerk and Fire updated
*Added Skill Suggestion to updated Classes
*Added some new video tutorials

Dear Panzarians,

I have prepared a general guide for my clan-mates to improve our team-play. However, as sadly there haven't been any post in this section of the forum for a long time, I wish to share it with you all.

A few notes before going any further:
    *Some/many of the guides are intended for tournaments only.
    *Some of these guides were added after I decided to publish them to the forum.
    *If you are an experienced player, you may know them all, do not blame me for wasting your time reading what you already know, however if you have time, I wish you to read, and help me improve it. I will try to keep this post updated with your guides added.
    *These info has been collected so far based on my experience playing with all classes, and no, i do not consider myself a pro player. I'm still learning myself and following all the rules in the battle is not an easy task.
    *Gunner class is missing as they are (at the time being) not much welcomed to the tournaments, however, I will add it soon to the list, as things may change with the up coming patch. Gunner Class added.
    *This list is far from being complete! I will keep updating it. Once again, I would appreciate any help.

-ALWAYS have the yellow powder on.
-Try to use yellow powder BEFORE enemy's paladin to give an upper hand to your zerk and frost.
-Use bow and arrow at the beginning of the battle to gain extra CP and be one step ahead of enemy's paladin. Taking the Bow over other skills is not recommended in the current patch (37).
-ALWAYS be at the proximity of your zerk(even if healing other team mates), he needs your services more than others, specially your powders.
-Never get close to your team mates, keep a safe distance so that you can save them if they are frozen by dispel.
-Zerk could benefit from mana powder too, if you can afford it, use it.
-Always save enough CP for dispel, even if that means not using mana powder.
-If there is no inq in enemy side, depending on the situation do not use healing powder(green). heal the by left click to earn mana.
-Remember that if your zerk has max rage, his HP could be as low as 10-15 K (depending on the actual HP), in that case you need to use right click to heal him faster!!!
-Use Chimera's Seal when your team mate's are in need of fast heal and you cannot provide them (For ex. they are in skyfire and chain, teammate is on his back on the ground, Zerk is doing a Vortex etc.)
-Use Stunning on enemy's Frost to interrupt her, to save yourself against other players who are hitting you or to stop other skills of the enemies (i.e Vortex).
-Green Powder is not recommended due to the limited available slots. Heal with right click if you are low on HP to heal yourself or use potions.
-Mana Powder costs less CP now, and it is more critical for your teammates than before. It needs to be active throughout the game.
-Some Healers play very nicely with Holy Armor. Activating it in the right moments is very critical. There are Paladins who use it RIGHT when they see enemy's frost casting an Instant or other deadly skills by other classes to be able to save other teammates. It's also a good idea to use it before using Purification while most of your teammates are frozen or you might be interrupted or chained to the freezing area.
-Before using Resurrection skill, check the respown time of the teammates at the seft side of the screen.

Suggested Skills: Yellow Powder - Blue Powder - Purification - Stunning Lunge - Chimera's Seal - Holy Armor/Resurrection/Ring or Immortality depending on your skills, team preferences etc

-When battle starts try to collect cp with normal attacks to enable rage and kick enemy frost.
-If other zerk in your team is on his back, kick the enemy zerk so that he can not run to finish him.
-Always stay behind your tank's shield.
-Be ready to kick, power attack, or crush the enemy's fire if she is coming to lift. If you are not good at this, just stay blocked, if you are lifted, you are most likely dead.
-Try to kick the enemy's tank's ram, right when he's back is towards you.
-If other teammates of you are not in danger, always jump out of the freezing area/sprint, as while kicking the frost, other members of the enemy may have you killed since you are much slower to block after the kick and may not be able to block in time.
-If enemy's Inq have you in cage and you have the Pounce skill, watch him carefully, use it when he try to throw Plague on you or set you on Holy Flame.
-When you see a group of enemies who had been Cursed by your Frost, go for the one with the lowest HP and perform a Crushing Blow or very carefully do a Vortex (again, priority is with those with lower HP).
-This one is a bit hard to put in words, so just watch the first few seconds of this video:
phpBB [video]

Suggested Skills: Frenzy - Rage - Sucker Punch - Crushing Blow - Sprint - Vortex

-Shield shield shield :D
-Ram only if your team mates are ready to get the most out of it.
-If your zerk has high rage (you can know if he is fast) it worth saving him with ram if he is on his back on the ground.
-If enemy hit your zerk down on his back and runs to finish him, do not use shield strike (too old technic, all zerks block it), get some distance (if you are close) and try to chain him instead.
-Borrow 2 extra eyes to watch your back! turn around and watch for enemy frost.
-If your shield is closed at the time that the enemy's frost click on the instant button, you cannot stop it anymore even if you open it right when you see it coming! so, always keep it open.
-Never power attack. (not until you have enough experience)
-If you see a whole frozen enemy team, do not get excited. first check if all enemy frosts are either dead or frozen, then join the party. Otherwise keep the shield up while your teammates are enjoying the easy kill.
-Use chain only when your zerk is right beside you and ready to kill, there are traps in front of you, or enemy will fall from a high position and die.
-Never chain a frost unless you are 120% sure she will be dead.
-When chaining enemy on Antipersonnel mine(sapper's mine), stand with a little space with the mine (1m) so that the chained player's back will be toward the mine. Ideally use it when there are other enemy member's there to have more players on their back.
-Did I say shield? :P

-Save your zerk if they are down on the ground by lifting the attacking enemies.
-Try to lift the tanks when they are doing a ram.
-Skyfire only if u r ready to lift them or they are frozen and no zerk is there to kill, or to destroy dwarfs structures. otherwise there's a good chance that they'll all survive it.
--Try to use curse right before casting fire balls and torrent of flame. Taking curse over other skills is not recommended.
-Lift enemy's frost to save your teammates.
-When the battle starts, collect 10 cp as fast as u can and lift.
-Try to lift when they do not expect it, otherwise either they block or zerks kill you before you cast it.
-Enemy's paladin is your primary target. Usually they don't block your fire balls (busy healing) and give you cp.
-Enemy's steam hammer, once built, becomes your primary target.
-As the lightening give you CP in the recent patch, try to combine ShockWave + Gravity and Lightening to do some serious damage to the enemies. If you do this successfully, it can be as deadly as skyfire.
-Use Frost Shield and save your team if they are frozen and need assist.
-In this recent patch, you can most probably kill any frost in 1 vs 1 situation with your Staff if you have the Frost Resist thanks to your high mastery.

Suggested Skills: Shock Wave - Lightning - Skyfire - Gravity - Frost Resistance - Magical Silence (if you can count on your paladin's Mana Powder and your style is to play with team rather than shooting from distance, then you may take another skill instead)

-Buckshot frosts and zerks with high rage from behind, even if that costs you your life, it worth it.
-Try to follow your team and build mana and energy totems in their proximity.
-Build hammer if team is settled.
-Use mines wisely. (in hidden places)
-if enemies are frozen and u r unsure that they will be all killed, put a mine at the middle of them as fast as u can, it must be activated before they are defrosted.
-A bad tp is worse than no tp at all. Destroy or report if enemies are waiting for you and your teammates.
-Sometimes tp on next point is more useful than tp on current point, however you must do ur best to be alive at the time that your team captures the current point. And of course inform your teammates about the tp.

*In this patch there are different styles to play gunner. I just share the one I have seen most effective in battles.
-As of Patch 37, Gun now is only one of your weapons, may happen often that you are more effective out of your gun.
-Collect CP with your Gun when the battle starts. As the enemy team face your team, run behind the enemy quietly and build your gun behind them. It will take some time until enemy's tank realize that you are shooting from behind and turn, or he even might be in a situation that he cannot turn at all.
-Once you earn enough CP, build all your Teslas. Always build them on/around point. Do not build them close to each other, but not so far either. If in the map there are special places where its harder for the enemy to kill it, build them there (on stones, behind fences etc.)
-If you tank is a good chainer, go in front of him, drop a Gravity mine and push "Help" button to call his attention.
-Flamethrower is a very effective weapon! many classes just run away without fighting you. It does not give you CP(unless you kill), but if the enemy is near your Tesla(s), you earn enough CP to keep burning him/her.
-Surprise the enemies with Barrel Swap to clean the point/kill frozen enemies/help your teammates when they are outnumbered.
-If you have Buckshot, use it against the mages, specially on Frosts while they are freezing your teammates. This skill is more effective if used from enemy's back to do more damage and ensure the enemy's death.
-If you have Golem and your sapper builds hammer and/or mortar, built one.

Suggested Skills: Flamethrower - Tesla - Mine - Barrel Swap - Golem - Trap/Buckshot (Depend on your style)

-Handful of dust! Use it all the time where appropriate. It is cheap and useful.
-Your primary target is enemy's paladin.
-Always try to cage enemy's tank so that he can't adjust his magical shield. - only attack when enemies are under attack.
-do not get yourself killed, be patient and become visible only if needed. try to be present in the time your teammates needs you.
-Use plague only if enemy's paladin is dead, or when you can engage him right after you use the plague(only when other members of the enemy team are busy).
-If enemy builds hammer, it becomes your first target, however expect to get killed once or twice(depends on the fire in your team, if she/he is fast, you do not have to attack at all) perhaps, therefore do no spend CP on Rage or Eye of the wolf when you go for the hammer.
-Use sacred flame only if they are near the hammer, or frozen. (Paladins will dispel the cage, so combination of cage + sacred flame does not work in tournaments)
phpBB [video]

-Use curse as much as you can, specially right after enemy's paladin use a dispel.
-Try to collect cp with your ranged weapon to have cp for instant.
-Do not use cruel split or scream if your teammates can kill all the frozen enemies.
-Try to use instant from behind, and always catch the paladin too! otherwise he will ruin it by dispel. Other class you want to catch too is tank, as he may do a ram to save his team. (Paladin has higher priority as he needs less CP).
-Do not use instant for less than 3 enemies, unless it's to save your frozen teammates or if its the enemy's zerk with high rage or a zerk doing a vortex and there is no one to stop it.
-Sometimes you may be in a situation where you know you may not be able to completely freeze a zerk, but slowing him down slightly may give your zerk a chance to kill him.

All Classes:
-Always stand blocked, so that you do not give CP to the enemy's ranged shooters and don't get chained by a tank.
-Always watch for the inqs, they always come from behind, turn as fast as you can and block. They will keep trying to hit you on back or side, do your best to not to let them.
-If there is a situation where all enemy members are frozen and your zerk can kill them all, collect cp by normal attack, let your zerk to get the kills since he needs kills to become faster.
-Do not reveal secrets in game chat in tournaments, enemy members may see in the live stream and take advantage of it. (i.e tp on next point)
-Remember you can always retreat. Do not get yourself killed for nothing. If you are outnumbered, retreat and wait for your teammates otherwise you are giving CP to enemy and other members of your team will be outnumbered too once they are back to the battle.
-Communication is the key factor to victory. Try to use TS (or any other voice chat) since it is much faster than typin
-Reducing the graphics quality of the game help you to see hidden mines, traps and TPs much easier, however it takes time to get use to skyfire and frost's area of effect. It also helps tanks to shield better (tank's magical shield will be better visible with the up coming patch even with high quality graphics).
phpBB [video]

-There are very good players in Panzar who are streaming their game play and share their experience with us. The very best source for learning how to become better players. Find the links below(Thanks HappyBunny for the hint to add these URLs):
Fire: (Unfortunately he does not record, you may only watch live when he plays.)
Zerk, Frost, Fire and Tank:

-And in addition, watch the tournaments and the game play of many great players who does not stream:

Have fun!

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Post Re: General Guide for all Classes
Just wanted to state the obvious that this post was written before the latest patch which brought many new skills to the game; Many points are totally invalid now. However, I'm not going to remove the post as I believe there are still some useful points in it, instead, I will edit it as soon as I find the time. (and your help would still be appreciated)


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Post Re: General Guide for all Classes
congrat head, very good idea and ty for post update, we need for it for begginers, middle and pro players too :)
ty :D


Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:04 pm
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Post Re: General Guide for all Classes
Kaoszyn wrote:
congrat head, very good idea and ty for post update, we need for it for begginers, middle and pro players too :)
ty :D

Thanks mate :)

Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:02 pm
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