Equipment system
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Author:  Lydianpuds4 [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Equipment system

Equipment system
Novice equipment so few pieces
After the equipment can only rely on their accumulation of materials in the game to produce
The higher the level of equipment production success rate is lower
That forging skills is to improve the success rate of forging divided into three levels each level to improve the success rate of 10%
When your material accumulated enough to make a piece of equipment
Often the game will remind you
Recommend you to make equipment
This game is equipped with a span of every 10 levels
When you have a level 1 gear
Shop to display level 10 equipment
Produced a 10-level equipment
The store can display level 20 equipment
The most advanced equipment is 20 levels
Some equipment is sub-epic level and ordinary level
I will not give an example of what equipment is epic
Players can be seen in the store
Means if you are still wearing a level 30 armor
Your store is not allowed to do 20 armor
Need to make (unlock) after 10 armor
To make or buy 20 armor
Personal recommendation players do not drop low-cost equipment to spend money and effort
Not twenty-level equipment Do not buy or make epic levels

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